bruh moment

i like lemon demon man.

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piss(he will destory you)


what is up fellow gamers?

im kidding. do not answer that. you have visited my site which means you are subjected to me. i will not pander to my non-existent audience. fuck you. this experience has been personally customized and tailored to me. if the site looks bad on your device, then youre SOL.

anyways, edit number 2. so i mentioned on the bitches page that i was making pictures of my beloved(s). yes. i have finally finished a short animation of my other bitch that took longer than i am willing to admit. look at him

look. i know what you're thinking. i swear the cat hat is part of his character. i do not like him solely because he can be considered a "cat-boy." youre wrong.
so while my other bitch is on the bitches page, this bitch is not. i havent decided what to do now. idk i didnt think id get this far. i think im gonna work on the "main page" or whatever. i think im gonna keep this one as an entrance because its pretty iconic in my head at this point and it makes me lose my shit everytime i have to stare at it.
okay. im gonna go do something else maybe. i have been awake since 12 pm yesterday. it is currently 11 am. dont get any ideas about my bitches. i will explain them soon, okay? dont be too impatient. i have more to show, but i still have a lot of art to finish as referred to in the bitches page.
i promise ill stop using "edits" man okay. i think its cringe as well, just let me get used to this. i need to make an updates thing huh

this is an actual picture of me i'm not lying ^ (for legal reasons i will consider this a joke)

my actual reaction to pie!

my bitches: here